Squelch Search Just Got Even More Sophisticated

Squelch Team | September 12, 2018

A magnifying glass for searching

We believe customer support and success professionals are heroes — for their customers, their teams, and their company. Squelch is their trusted sidekick, helping agents cut through the noise in daily interactions to deliver ever-better customer experience.

One way we empower these customer heroes is by enabling them to quickly and easily find the knowledge required to address customer needs and help them thrive.

From a technical standpoint, the key feature that enables us to deliver actionable intelligence when and where support and success professionals need it most is our sophisticated search solution.

Given the importance of search to the Squelch platform, I’m excited to announce the release of our new-and-improved search experience that incorporates many of the updates users have requested. Read on for all the details.

Search Filters: Ability to Multi-Select and Exclude Categories

With our latest product release, users have more control over search filters. Specifically, it’s now possible to select multiple filters simultaneously, as well as to exclude certain categories altogether.

How will these product enhancements improve the experience of using Squelch?

Well, let’s imagine you feel that data from Slack produces too many search results. Now you’ll be able to prevent any Slack channels from showing up in a result set with a single click.

Screenshot of Squelch software demonstrating search interface

Hide Less-Relevant Search Results

We all have certain types of files that might score high in terms of relevance to a particular query but unfortunately are limited in their actual ability to help support agents resolve a trouble ticket or success agents empower customers to achieve their goals.

Think: long log files, CSVs capturing repetitive activities, or perhaps all of the notification emails that get sent whenever you update a version of your service.

With our latest set of product updates, users will now have the ability to tell Squelch if they believe a specific search result is not relevant to the problem at hand by simply excluding it from the result set.

Based on that action, we’ll look for all of the results that are similar and automatically filter them out, too. And if you change your mind at any point down the road, making the hidden results reappear is as easy as getting rid of a single filter!

Screenshot of Squelch software showing how to hide less-relevant search results

Import Relevant Search Results into Existing Case or Ticket

One of the most highly-requested Squelch product updates was the ability to easily import relevant search query results directly into an existing customer case or ticket, in order to capture valuable information and preserve it for future reference.

Previously, we found that most customer support and success agents facing this need would copy-and-paste text directly into a ticket, attach a relevant file, or include a hyperlink to a helpful document.

But what if new information becomes available that pertains to the case or ticket in question?

With this use case in mind, we decided to take our product update a step further — not only is it now possible to import one or more search results into a case or ticket, but you can also import your underlying question.

This new feature will enable users to effortlessly capture the most current information that is relevant to the case, as well as ensure that information is accessible in order to update your customer.

Screenshot of Squelch software illustrating how to add search results to an existing ticket

Keep the Feedback Coming

We are on a mission to be the noise-suppressing, data-crunching, lightning-fast super-sidekick for customer support and success heroes.

We’re off to a great start, but in order to continue improving our sidekick abilities, we need feedback from YOU, the heroes on the frontlines serving customers.

What features of Squelch do you love? What changes would you make? Drop us a line at info@www.squelch.io or tweet us at @SquelchIO and let us know your thoughts!