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How Squelch Works

The Squelch SaaS software is an intelligent, on-demand knowledge management tool that aggregates scattered enterprise data from a company’s existing cloud providers. It integrates directly within the user’s existing workspace to help improve overall customer experience by producing actionable insights and answers. Unlike unified or federated search and traditional knowledge bases, time to value is measured in hours not weeks. See the Squelch solution in action.

We help customer support and success teams:


customer churn


difficult cases


team efficiency

Reduce Customer Churn

The Squelch SaaS software integrates with apps such as Box and Jira and indexes all their data — empowering customer support and success agents with the information they need to delight customers.

Resolve Difficult Cases

Squelch analyzes agent questions the way a subject matter expert would with expertise and insight.

Improve Team Efficiency

It then delivers the most useful resources, both content and links, to help agents deliver the most useful answers.

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Under the Hood of Customer Experience Optimization



Squelch automatically learns about your business and your customers’ needs by indexing and analyzing content from your CRM, bug logs, case archives, and other repositories and communication tools.

Some of the learning is automatic using machine-learning algorithms, and admins can define synonyms, acronyms, and other terms specific to your organization. Users can rate search results with a thumbs up or down or by typing in specific feedback. Squelch continuously refines the data model to improve results as well as help admins adjust how data rights are granted.


We don’t just match words. Squelch leverages Elasticsearch and adds natural-language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide better answers. Squelch looks at and evaluates all the data in your sources — actual content, filenames, metadata, everything. It automatically constructs and continuously improves on a mathematical understanding of the meaning of your documents, approaching relevance from both the agent’s perspective and the context of the data. And, it continuously improves its algorithms.


The ways Squelch delivers results is uniquely suited for customer support and success teams. Agents see relevant content as well as links to source files — one click opens the result within its native application, and one click returns the user to the list of results. Integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk include a Related Knowledge button that automatically includes additional information from the open case or ticket in a query.

In addition, Squelch delivers clear metrics on how it’s performing, such as the amount of data indexed, click-throughs per day, and article visibility to help managers understand solution value and ROI.

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Under the Hood of Customer Experience Optimization

How Squelch Creates Happier Teams and More Loyal Customers

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Answers, Not Just Search Results

Squelch uses powerful syntax and filtering capabilities to comb deeply through results. For example, it collapses similar results and automatically captures user signals to further improve its algorithms. The result? Agents resolve customer issues more effectively.
See how the magic works >

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Dashboards and Reports

Mobile-friendly dashboards display comprehensive metrics for individual agents, teams, and overall Squelch performance. This gives executives a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of their support and success efforts. And, real-time notifications keep admins informed about all operational and security issues.

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Direct Integrations with the Most-Popular Tools

Squelch works with Jira and Confluence (on-premise, cloud, and 3rd-party hosted), Box, Zendesk Support and Guide, Salesforce (including Sandbox), Slack, Exchange, and Google Drive. Integrations with Zendesk and Salesforce give agents the option to access Squelch within an open ticket or case. And, Squelch regularly adds support for more connectors and integrations.

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Fast-and-Easy Administration and Onboarding

A company can securely set up Squelch in less than 15 minutes, retaining full, granular control for both content and user management. Its intuitive user experience gets agents up-and-running quickly with little or no training. And because Squelch automatically learns from your data, new support and success agents require less in-depth familiarity with the technical aspects of your business.

Security and Privacy

Is Squelch privacy friendly?

Squelch is fully committed to the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework for data protection.

How is Squelch keeping my data secure?

Squelch uses encryption technology for data storage and transmission, fully authenticated APIs, and a total tenant isolation architecture. For details, download our Security and Data Brief.

How easy is it to set Squelch up securely?

A native permission scheme offers a seamless, low-touch security integration. Squelch will use whatever permissions were set in the original application to filter its results – users only access content for which they have credentials.

Can I work with Squelch and meet my GDPR obligations?

Absolutely. Squelch acts as a processor as defined by GDPR articles 28 and 29.

You can set up Squelch in less than 15 minutes —  let us show you what we can do.

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