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The Squelch SaaS customer experience optimization solution instantly delivers the most relevant, context-rich intelligence to your customer heroes when and where they need it most, elevating the customer experience while maximizing your team’s productivity.  

We help teams:


Improve customer satisfaction


Boost overall resolution efficacy


agent workloads

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Anatomy of the Super-Helpful Sidekick


First things first, we get those wily data sources in line — email, customer management and support solutions, team communication and collaboration tools, document storage services, and more. If there’s an API we can chat with, we’ve probably got you covered.

Then, we continually monitor and read data from all of these sources to create a unified index.

Next, the magic.

Here’s our superpower (shh… don’t tell!): Because Squelch is designed from the ground up for customer support and success teams, we go beyond most typical text-based search by applying a deep classification schema, auto-topic identification rules, and machine learning algorithms to truly understand the data. Think customer names, industry jargon, team shorthand, and more.

And, each interaction allows Squelch to learn what information really matters within your company as well as how it all fits together.

In short, Squelch returns the speediest, most relevant, most effective information to your customer heroes.

When a customer reaches out to an agent, Squelch is there to help quickly address the issue.

We swiftly populate the right intelligence automatically into the dashboard your agent is already using. Your agent can easily expand any item and read the digest as well as give feedback. The original document is also linked if more details are needed.

For managers and stakeholders, Squelch provides access to trends, analytics, and reports so you can gain deeper insights into your customer.

All the while, Squelch is continually learning and increasing in value the longer we’re in place.

The Perfect Duo: How Squelch Creates Happier Teams

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Knowledge Wrangling

Squelch works seamlessly with most SaaS-based apps. All relevant data sources are continuously monitored and indexed, and our built-in learning algorithms continuously adapt and deliver greater value over time. No cape required.

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Prove It or Lose It

Want to know how much Squelch has benefited your time to resolution? Need to figure out which knowledge articles should be improved? Rely on our performance and enrichment reporting to give you these important answers.

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Knobs You See It, Knobs You Don’t

Squelch runs right out of the box and requires minimal training for your customer support and success teams. We also provide robust customizations for those tinkerers who like to dial it in just how they like it.

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For Your Eyes Only

Don’t let permissions and access controls slow you down! We know you already have these defined elsewhere, so we pass them through natively. No sweat.

4 Important Questions You’ll Probably Ask
(We Know We Would)

“How long does it really take to get Squelch up and running?”

The onboarding process takes about 15 minutes or less. As for running your first query, it depends on the amount of data we have to process. On the safe side, we estimate a few hours (it’s often less than that).

“Can I take it for a test drive? Or see a demo?”

Absolutely! We love to give demos, and if you like what you see (or you want to skip the show altogether), we offer a 14-day free trial. Let’s talk, shall we?

“I’m not sure I fit into the use cases you described. Can you still help me?”

Yes! If there is anything that we have learned from listening to customer-facing individuals and teams, it’s that each team and organization is nuanced in their responsibilities, roles, and titles. We welcome you to reach out and tell us your story.

“What software or services do you connect to?”

We currently support Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Box, Confluence, Jira, and Google Drive (we’re adding more all the time!). All of the sources you connect to will become available for searching in our console. Pretty cool, right?

Squelch is your super-helpful sidekick.

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