Intro to Squelch

The super sidekick for your customer support and success heroes.

TSIA & Squelch: Customer Support

Customer support is a critical function of CX and key to driving alignment within an organization to maximize success.

Squelch 101

Squelch 101: Basics and What’s New

TSIA & Squelch: Customer Success

Despite what headlines might indicate, corporate culture is not about free lunch or foosball tables in the office.

Research Surveys

Investigating the Customer Support Persona

A Survey of Customer Support Professionals


Squelch Basics

Squelch helps customer support and success teams tackle the most difficult customer issues faster than ever.

Security & Data Brief

A short overview of our security and data policies.


The Value of Customer Support Across Your Organization

Alignment in your organization is the key to business success. It starts with customer support.