Zendesk Chicago Recap: CX in the Windy City

Giorgina Gottlieb | July 30, 2019

Squelch was proud to sponsor Zendesk Chicago earlier this month. The one-day event was part of the Zendesk Showcase conference series taking place around the world in 2019.

The Showcase targets leaders in customer experience (CX), support, and success who are interested in learning more about creating seamless experiences for both employees and customers. The event series also lets professionals explore new CX tools and hear directly from innovative brands who are prioritizing service.

Squelch previously sponsored Zendesk Dallas on April 10 and Zendesk NYC on May 22. Based on our team’s experience at those events, we expected Zendesk Chicago to be full of informative sessions and interesting people. Happily, the Windy City didn’t disappoint!

Crowd of attendees at Zendesk event in Chicago
Image credit: Squelch

Event Recap

The daylong Showcase took place on July 18 at Revel Fulton Market in Chicago’s former meatpacking district. Despite the hot and rainy weather, there was a strong turnout of CX professionals.

Squelch was also well represented, with several members of our sales and marketing teams on hand. We really appreciated the opportunity to chat one-on-one with so many event participants in order to learn more about their customer support and success challenges and share how our CX optimization software may be able to help.

Members of the Squelch sales and marketing teams
Image credit: Squelch

We also must give a special shoutout to host Zendesk, who not only produced a high-quality and professional event but also brought a sense of playfulness that kept the experience light and fun. Need proof? Look no further than this wall of donuts and tongue-in-cheek swag:

Donuts Zendesk event swag

Image credits: Left, Right

Top Takeaways

Food and swag are nice, but of course the true stars of the Showcase were the sessions themselves. One talk we particularly enjoyed was the opening keynote titled “Break Free,” led by a trio of Zendesk employees including COO Tom Keiser, VP of Planning and GTM Enablement Astha Malik, and Senior Director of Alliances Pascal Pettinicchio.

As quoted by attendee Brandon Tidd on Twitter, Keiser explained during the presentation that, “As the traditional ways of doing business are getting disrupted, customer expectations are rising.” We’ve been receiving similar feedback from CX professionals, so it was great to know that matches what Zendesk has been hearing. We also enjoyed learning some tips for how to meet the heightened expectations.

Here are a handful of other top takeaways from the Showcase:

  • “Your customers are comparing you to the best customer experience they’ve ever had.” — Claire Peracchio, product marketing manager at Zendesk
  • “Happy customers = more customers. We focused on going over the top for our customers.” — Diana Ganz and Jeanne Foley, co-founders of The Groomsman Suit
  • “If you over deliver, you start to build trust and a relationship.” — Peter Rahal, founder of RXBAR
  • “Leaders do not know the answers; leaders learn the answers.” — Max Yoder, co-founder and CEO of Lessonly

Squelch Software Integration with Zendesk

One of the deciding factors in our sponsorship of the Showcase series is the fact that our software integrates so well with Zendesk’s platform.

Screenshot of Squelch software integration with Zendesk
Image credit: Squelch

When a user first signs up for the Squelch solution, we start continuously indexing all of the data to which they have access within email, Slack, and any other systems they’ve connected to our software. By integrating with Zendesk, we can provide users with richer context about the customer and issue they’re working to resolve. Because the case information remains visible at all times, it’s easier and faster to formulate new queries or view related results if users need to expand their search.

The Squelch search bar is a vital part of the integration. Rather than having to leave Zendesk and conduct searches in multiple data systems one at a time, users can remain within their existing workspace and do a single search to find exactly what they need, saving precious time. In this way, the Squelch integration lets users resolve cases more efficiently and effectively so they can win big by making both their customers and their team happier.

See You in San Francisco

Now that Zendesk Chicago is in the rear-view mirror, we’re looking ahead to the next Showcase event, which will take place October 3 in San Francisco. We hope to see you there!

Featured image credit: Zendesk