Top 9 Reasons I Love My Customer Support Job

Squelch Team | May 9, 2018

Female customer support agent cheers out of a sense of happiness in her CS job

If you asked the average person whether customer support is an enjoyable job, they would probably say no.

After all, those outside the industry have likely been the prototypical “angry customer” a time or two, reaching out to a support professional to resolve a problem with a product or service they were trying to use.

And so, when imagining a CS agent’s job, they probably picture someone who’s on the receiving end of such “angry customers” all day, every day. Which, admittedly, doesn’t sound very enjoyable.

But does that image conjured by the hypothetical “average person” match how real-life customer support professionals view their work?

How Customer Support Agents Feel About Their Jobs

To find out, Squelch partnered with Dimensional Research to conduct a survey of over 300 CS agents who work with complex solutions. (Learn more about the survey methodology at the bottom of this post.) And the findings are surprising…at least to the average Joes and Janes.

The research survey, titled “Investigating the Customer Support Persona,” demonstrated that an astounding 97% of CS agents find satisfaction within their jobs.

As Dimensional Research wrote in a white paper detailing the complete research findings, “Support professionals do enjoy their work. When asked about the positive parts of their job, the vast majority (97%) found something good to say.”

Top Reasons Customer Support Agents Love Their Jobs

So, it turns out nearly all of the CS agents surveyed find enjoyment in their work. But which specific aspects of the job provide the greatest satisfaction?

Check out the infographic below to learn the “Top 9 Reasons I Love My Customer Support Job” and then visit to download the full “Investigating the Customer Support Persona” white paper.

Top 9 Reasons to Love Your Customer Support Job

Survey Methodology

Dimensional Research distributed an online survey to independent sources of customer support professionals. A range of questions was asked to capture hard data on job attitudes and experiences.

A total of 317 qualified individuals completed the survey. All had responsibility for supporting customers in environments with complex solutions. Participants represented a wide range of company sizes, roles, and industries.