Squelch + Zendesk = A Winning Combination for Customer Support Agents

Mark Breeden | June 29, 2018

Two hands each hold a connecting puzzle piece

At Squelch, we’re laser-focused on making the lives of customer support professionals easier by delivering precisely the right information frontline agents need, exactly when and where they need it.

Today, I’m excited to announce a new Squelch integration with Zendesk, which will allow customer support and success teams to reach their full potential with even greater ease and speed.

Squelch + Zendesk = A Winning Combination

Zendesk was “created to bring a sense of calm to the often chaotic world of customer service,” and its core product helps agents track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets.

Squelch has a shared mission of calming the chaos. We believe that you, the customer support and success agents, are the true heroes of a company, and our goal is to be your super-helpful sidekick.

When you’re working to resolve a customer issue, every second — heck, every millisecond — counts. At Squelch, we understand this urgency and designed our integration with Zendesk specifically to help you resolve cases more quickly and reduce the need for escalation.

How the Squelch + Zendesk Platform Integration Works

Imagine you’re in the midst of a customer call. You have Zendesk Support open on your computer screen and are documenting information about the case in a new ticket.

During the call, the customer asks a question that you vaguely remember was addressed in a recent message from your team lead, but you can’t remember if the message was sent via email, posted in Slack, or shared on some other channel.

Typically, you’d have to exit Zendesk Support and begin opening and logging into other systems (email, Slack, etc.) one-by-one to search within each for the relevant conversation. All the while, the clock is ticking, the customer is growing impatient, and your heart is starting to race.

We created our Zendesk integration for stressful situations just like this. It’s all about keeping the customer calm and your heart rate steady.

You see, when you first sign up for Squelch, we begin a continuous process of indexing all of the data you have access to within email, Slack, and any other systems you’ve connected to our platform. We also provide a Squelch search bar that is accessible directly within your Zendesk workflow.

So, rather than having to exit Zendesk Support and search multiple systems one-by-one, you can remain in your existing workflow and do a single search within the Squelch search bar to find the information you need, saving precious time.

In addition, our Zendesk integration provides you with richer context about the customer and issue you’re working to resolve. Because the case information remains visible at all times, it’s easier and faster to formulate new queries or view related results if you end up needing to build upon your search.

In this way, Squelch’s integration with Zendesk enables you to resolve cases more efficiently and effectively so you can win big by making both your customers and your team happy.

Zendesk dashboard with Squelch integration panel and filters for search results in tickets.
The new Squelch software integration with Zendesk will enable customer support agents to resolve cases more effectively and efficiently.

A Two-Way Street

But wait, there’s more! In addition to accessing data from Squelch within Zendesk, you’ll be able to find information from your Zendesk account within the Squelch search bar and console.

Let’s say you’re updating a customer contact record in Salesforce and need to reference information from a Zendesk ticket. With the new integration, you can remain within the Salesforce workflow and simply use the Squelch search bar to access any necessary information from Zendesk.

Try the Squelch + Zendesk Integration Today

The new integration is currently available in preview to select customers using Zendesk Support up to the Professional level. To try it for yourself, please contact us at sales@www.squelch.io.