How Squelch Support for On-Premise JIRA and Confluence Solutions Will Help Customer Support Teams

Squelch Team | July 13, 2018

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At Squelch, we’re committed to moving fast and releasing new features and other improvements often in order to provide customer support and success teams with the best product possible.

As the technical lead for connecting Squelch to on-premise Content Providers of information, I’m happy to share a product update: Squelch now supports the on-premise versions of JIRA and Confluence.

Why On-Premise Support of JIRA and Confluence Is Important

Atlassian’s JIRA and Confluence software platforms allow product teams to move quickly. Specifically, their development workflows and collaborative tools are key to juggling many projects simultaneously.

Both of these solutions are available in the cloud or on premise .

We’ve written previously about the trend of SaaS providers moving to the cloud. The prevalence of cloud-based software is only going to continue in the future, which is why we started Squelch as a cloud-to-cloud solution.

But, for larger organizations with projects spanning several thousand developers, it’s often necessary to use an on-premise version of these tools hosted on servers or local data centers.

That’s why I’m so excited that the Squelch platform now provides support for teams utilizing JIRA and Confluence on-premise.

Product screenshot demonstrating Squelch software support for on-premise versions of JIRA and Confluence
With our new support for JIRA and Confluence, Squelch can serve as a partner to teams scaling up with Atlassian’s leading on-premise collaborative development solutions. Click image for larger view of the screen capture.

How This Product Update Will Benefit Customer Support Agents

Customers who contact support don’t care what internal product development or bug tracking software your company is using. They just need a quick and accurate solution to their problem.

At Squelch, our mission is to help customer support professionals help customers by delivering information frontline agents need, exactly when and where they need it.

We know that customer support is tough work. After all, the rate at which product information changes, new features get released, and bugs get filed and fixed can be dizzying.

In this environment, customer support agents need a fast and reliable way to access the critical data stored in these systems. Calling up engineers doesn’t scale and is highly disruptive to the engineer. Believe me, I’ve been there!

That’s why Squelch’s new support for on-premise versions of both JIRA and Confluence are so beneficial for customer support agents.

We can now be a partner to teams scaling up with Atlassian’s leading on-premise collaborative development solutions and, like our other integrations, we pass through native permissions so you can see all the information you already have access to without IT needing to manage additional access rights.

In short, Squelch can now securely and reliably connect to the information stored within your own corporate data centers, offering the same lightning-fast support and frictionless install typically only available with cloud-based products.

Yes, that means that it takes less than 10 minutes to set up and can be administered just like any other Content Provider in Squelch.

Learn More about Squelch’s Support of On-Premise JIRA and Confluence Solutions

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