We Are Excited to Announce Squelch Enhancements

Squelch Team | November 29, 2018

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The Squelch platform comes in two flavors: the console and the integrations. You probably know how to use one, you may be completely unaware of the other, or you may actively use both.  

Squelch Console

The console is the full-on Squelch browser app. You log in and then have access to all of the features with a friendly UI.

Screenshot of Squelch software console

Squelch Integrations

An integration is when a Squelch search field and results list appear within another workspace, such as Salesforce or Zendesk.

While working with a case or ticket, you can quickly query Squelch and browse results without ever leaving your existing workspace. When Squelch searches, it automatically includes data from your open case or ticket.

When using an integration, you can also click the Squelch icon to open the console (in a new browser window) for access to more features.

Screenshot of Squelch software integration with Zendesk
Squelch software integration with Zendesk

What’s New

Power Searches

Regardless of whether you’re using the console or an integration, you can now refine your searches using a combination of in, by, and, +, ~, and operators in the search field.

For example, if you add +filetype=pdf +contributor=’John Smith’ after a search string, Squelch will display content that meets all three criteria: it matches the search string, it’s a .pdf, and it’s contributed by John Smith.

Need some assistance getting started? The SEARCH TIPS help popup window, which is adjacent to the search field, lists the various operators and explains how to use each of them.

Screenshot of search tips in Squelch software

For Salesforce Admins

In addition to the expanded search features, you can now add the Squelch component directly to record pages, thereby eliminating the need for agents to download and install a browser extension.

Our new Salesforce integration works in both Lightning and Classic environments on a variety of browsers. It also has richer contextual search capabilities.

Get the new Squelch Salesforce app in the App Exchange.

Screenshot of Squelch software integration with Salesforce

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Have questions or feedback about the Squelch software enhancements described above? Feel free to email us at info@www.squelch.io or tweet us at @SquelchIO. We’d love to hear from you!