Find Out Which Data Sources Are Your MVPs

Squelch Team | February 1, 2019

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In 2019, Squelch is more committed than ever to delivering on our promise to be the super-helpful sidekick of customer support and success heroes. That’s why we spent the first month of the year developing new capabilities to enhance our software solution for CX professionals.

Today, I’m excited to announce these new capabilities as part of our latest product release. Read on for all the details!

Most Useful Content Providers

The first product enhancement is the Most Useful Content Providers report that shows which data sources are contributing the most to your Squelch experience. It ranks sources based on stats such as the volume of relevant results returned and result likes/dislikes.

Product screenshot of Most Useful Data Sources report

With this visibility, managers can optimize departmental budgets by seeing which data sources are providing the most bang for the company’s buck. And if they see that certain SaaS products or other tools are not providing as much value as expected, maybe your company can even cancel its subscription or cut back on the number of licenses!

Automatic Synonym Recommendations

The second product enhancement relates to the identification of synonyms. Using company-specific synonyms, particularly for your industry’s argot, is an easy way to improve Squelch results.

When Squelch first indexes a content provider or when significant content is added, such as after an acquisition, it displays a table of potential synonyms for your site or content administrator’s review.

Product screenshot of automatic synonym recommendations

The table includes easy-to-use logical operators to set exactly how Squelch should handle each term. In the example shown above, “US,” “USA,” “United States,” and “America” are all synonyms for one another. Thus, the equal sign is used to indicate that the relationship flows both ways.

In contrast, “second” is a synonym for “2nd.” But “2nd” is not a synonym for “second,” because the latter might be meant in a time context rather than as an ordered list or ranking. Accordingly, an arrow is used to indicate that the relationship only flows in one direction.

Top Search Terms

Squelch isn’t just about tactical support for agents. Our solution also improves team effectiveness by helping managers see which topics agents may not understand well. If front-line reps are consistently using Squelch to search for a particular term, that indicates where they may need additional training.

Our new Top Search Terms report lists the most-searched terms and their frequency, and the list can be filtered by content provider and time frame.

Product screenshot of Top Search Terms report

With this knowledge, managers can:

  • Train agents on specific issues
  • Provide cheat sheets or other aids
  • Make sure that agents have permission to access relevant data located within different sources

Share Your Thoughts

We hope these new capabilities help make Squelch an indispensable part of your customer support and success toolkit. If you have any questions or feedback about the enhancements described above, don’t hesitate to email us at or tweet us at @SquelchIO. We love hearing from you!